Operation Heart Attack is the slight restoration of a 1985 Ducati MHR Mille. This project was completed in December of 2015. The entire fuel system was replaced, cleaned or rebuilt. The fuel tank was flushed and cleaned for starters. We then rebuilt the carbs and added new K&N filters. New fabric covered fuel lines were installed as well as glass fuel filters to help keep any debris out of the carbs. New Pirelli tires were mounted along with removing some surface rust on the old rotors. The front forks were leaking so we rebuilt those along with adding all new stainless steel black coated hydraulic lines. All new fluids were installed along with a new battery. At startup we tested the charging system and found that the regulator rectifier needed to be replaced. All of the electrical was gone through and greased to ensure quality connections. After a lot of elbow grease and carb tuning it was time for a test ride. Satisfied with everything, the bike received a stamp of approval and the next day John planned to have his customer see his 'new' Mille for the first time. They met in Palm Springs, California and he took her for a cruise. After a big smile from the new owner she was loaded up and ready for her trip to Phoenix. The Mille is now in Phoenix, Arizona among a collection of Ducati motorcycles with a fantastic new owner that will keep her in the great care she deserves.

- Special Thanks -

Lanny, Thank you for your hospitality and for keeping such great care of the Mille since she was new!

Armin, Thank you for being awesome and for trusting me with this project!