1985.5 Yamaha TRI-Z 250. Normally this wouldn't be on our to do list for a job but this is a very special project. This Yamaha has some important and fascinating history especially here in Southern California. The owner of this is James Romero who is originally from  Mission Viejo, California and he is the original owner! I've known James for quite some time now as I met him when we were both living in Arizona. The way James got this TRI-Z is the interesting part. To make a long story short, when James was just 13 years old he had a run in with a serial killer that the media called the Night Stalker. James saw the car that the Night Stalker was driving and because of this the police were able to capture this serial killer. The Orange County Sheriff awarded James with this Yamaha TRI-Z for his bravery and he has owned it ever since!

One afternoon I received a text from James asking me if I was interested in restoring his three wheeler for him. I didn't agree to it at first but when James told me about his plans for it I decided to take it on. The most exciting part was the fact that he talked about riding it after the build and possibly racing it. He had the motor shipped out to Bryan Raffa who did an amazing job and put together one powerful two stroke that is now a 350. Everything else I handled. James dropped the TRI-Z off to me as a roller that clearly was used and had been sitting for some time. Everything was stripped and either restored or replaced. The frame was braced, the front and rear suspension were upgraded and custom nerf bars were fitted. Every bearing and seal was replaced along the way. James wanted to keep the original plastics so those were cleaned up and new graphics were applied. The night I finished the bike James picked it up and went out to Glamis for the weekend with his family. A few weeks later he loaded it up again and entered into the three wheeler class at the first round of the California Vintage Motocross Series for 2019. This was his first time riding the TRI-Z on a track and he took first place in his class! We are hoping there are many years of fun to be had with this freshly built machine! Thank you James for trusting me with this project!